Thursday, February 09, 2006

Moving Towards Freedom Exhibition Artist Statement Lorraine G Huber

Contemporary Solo Original Art Exhibition

“Moving Towards Freedom”

Artist Statement

by Scottish Abstract Artist Lorraine G Huber

(Dedicated to the memory of my dear brother Grant)

Lorraine G Huber is an established contemporary Scottish Artist specialising in abstract and semi abstract paintings. She works in acrylics and incorporates mixed media materials in her striking enigmatic, original works. Lorraine has enjoyed numerous successful solo and joint exhibitions over 20 years and her original paintings can be found in collections worldwide. She is very happy to have been invited to exhibit her current work in the Gallery’s 1st solo exhibition and hopes that you will enjoy her work and become regular customers of the Gallery.

She currently lives and works as an Artist in Livingston, but has moved around many times in her life. Lorraine was born in Aberdeen and her most recent exhibition was in Robert Gordon’s University in 2005. Trained in fine arts (painting, sculpture & ceramics) at Eastbourne College, she later went on to establish The Loft Pottery & Gallery. She formerly divided her time between ceramics and painting but now concentrates her energies exclusively to her painting, which she is passionate about, it is a real driving force in her life. You can read more about her inspirations in her Artist Statement on the next page.

Lorraine has chosen the title for her exhibition here at The Gallery “Moving Towards Freedom”, as she feels that it sums up her aspirations as a contemporary artist, living in this complex world. She believes that you have to be true to yourself and express what is truly inside you; this she sees as a constantly exciting exploration, each step in her artistic, creative process and in daily life, she views as a move towards freedom. We all have profound events in our lives, which can either defeat us or spur us on; Lorraine dedicates this exhibition in a personal way as you can see, as her dear brother always encouraged her art. Lorraine believes in Carpe dieum “seizing the day and making it special”

From a very early age painting and drawing were a driving force in me, not that anyone else in my family was artistic, but my family, particularly my mum encouraged me to develop my gifts. I am very glad that she did, as it gives me great joy to be able to paint, professionally. Sometimes it can be a struggle too when things aren’t working as planned and a painting needs to be restarted or put to the side. Each day as an artist presents new challenges.

Although I started my life as an artist many years ago, painting in a very realistic, representational way, usually landscapes and figures; I have found that over the last 15 years I have learned to look at the world and my urban landscape, in an increasingly abstract way. I find that what gives me the most satisfaction as an artist now, is translating my ideas, and response to what is inside me, emotionally and spiritually, in a purely abstract way. I can start off with an idea or a few sketches and when I paint I get lost (in my own world), using colour and texture and shapes to develop my initial idea. I am, what some people would describe as an intuitive painter or expressionist abstract artist. I like the idea of mystery in my work and although I give my paintings titles, I really like the fact that the viewer puts their own interpretation on the piece; that for me is very exciting. For that reason I don’t like to explain everything away, I believe that we are all individuals and respond to Art in a very personal way.

I do hope that you will enjoy the exhibition and am happy to answer any questions about my work. I just want to encourage everyone to help make a success of The Gallery by coming here often and telling others about it. We have so many talented artists in Scotland and now we have a new Arts venue to display their work, thank you to Helena for inviting me to be the 1st solo artist to start this year.

Best Wishes

Lorraine G Huber

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